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  • How Big is Your Marketing Budget?

    Published August 19, 2014

    Homebuilders frequently ask me how much I think they should allocate for their marketing budget. I find that, if they’re asking, they’re probably not spending enough—or on the right things. One percent of your gross revenue—GROSS, not net—is a good rule of thumb. Now, if you’re grossing $10 million a year, then your marketing budget [...]

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  • The Care and Feeding of Your Website Content

    Published August 5, 2014

    Think about your website as a fish tank. When there are plenty of colorful fish actively swimming around, it’s fascinating to look at. But if you don’t feed the fish or treat the water to create a healthy environment, you end up with dead fish in a stagnant, scummy tank. Not so interesting any more. [...]

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  • Announcing…. The New Home University – March 16th & 17th, 2015

    Published August 4, 2014

    Imagine a source for sales and marketing innovation. A venue that provides access to new ideas and practices, and teaches you how to apply that knowledge right away. Now, stop imagining – and enroll in: The New Home University Build PROFITS through Leadership, Marketing, & Sales With Myers Barnes and Mollie Elkman Myers Barnes and Mollie [...]

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New Home Sales Training - New home sales strategist Myers Barnes, analyzes the price only mentality of new home buyers. Find out how to differentiate price from value in this great video from Myers Barnes.

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Thank you for such a phenomenal profit driven seminar experience. I was surprised to learn that nearly 50% of the attendees were there for the second and third time. To say you exceeded my expectations is an understatement! This is by far the best New Homes Sales Management Program on the Planet.

Greg Harrelson — Century 21 The Harrelson Group

I have participated in many new home sales seminars. Your information is absolutely the most important, effective and pertinent of its kind in my two-plus decades in the home building industry.

Mark Barron — Division Sales Manager, Darling Homes

Truly an exceptional individual, Myers Barnes is one of those few people who is a 'groundbreaker,' and is the top person in the United States in the field of New Home Sales.

Brian Tracy — President, Brian Tracy International

The return on investment for our company with your sales training was over 300%.

Kevin Oakley — Director of Marketing, Heartland Homes

Ten years ago I was blessed to begin my career with training from Myers Barnes. Myers continues to give me cutting edge education that produces more sales and consistent business that we all want during shifting markets.

Brad Beacham — Coldwell Banker Seaside Realty


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