New Homes Sales Training

Jumpstart your new home sales!

Have you dreamed about having a superstar sales team that exceeds its sales goals? Myers Barnes will personally help you fulfill your dreams and achieve success in two power-packed days—right in your office. Myers will infuse and enthuse your team with his breakthrough strategies, insights and streetwise know-how.

Learn Myers Barnes Keys to Guaranteed Sales Success

Myers Barnes created this sales training personally and he will personally deliver the material…one on one, face-to-face…with your team in real time. No pre-recorded video modules, no substitute teachers— delivered live by Myers, and only Myers. 

In his incomparable energetic style, Myers will not only inspire you and your sales staff, but will also teach you how to master a set of skills that will instantly generate more sales.

These private training sessions—engaging, enthusiastic, and overflowing with fresh ideas—have transformed new-home sales offices all around the country. The results have been predictable: Success and Mega-Profits!

In a session customized specifically for your organization, you and your team will learn the secrets of how to:

  • Overcome your pesky competitor’s and Power past price resistance.
  • Exceed your sales goals by huge margins and create monumental profits.
  • Master an innovative paint-by-the-numbers, Emotive Sales Process.
  • Increase the number of new homes sold, regardless of whether the market goes up, down or sideways.

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