New Home Sales Training Books

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Secrets of New Home Sales Negotiation

Secret of New Home Sales Negotiation

New home sales negotiation techniques are a hot topic these days. Almost everyone is talking about how to parlay negotiating into sales success. But you can cut through all the chatter and go right to the source. Myers Barnes wrote the book–the official playbook no less–on new home sales negotiation success. His fresh, transformational approach to negotiating slices through every obstacle–from price phobias to extreme bargain hunters. Overcome the need to concede your position by applying Myers’ field-tested strategies, proven to deliver success with even the toughest buyer.

Guaranteed, you’ll learn how to:

  • Power past price resistance
  • Overcome your pesky competitors’ deals, discounts, and incentives
  • Negotiate global, selling homes to anyone from any culture
  • Apply killer persuasion strategies that close sales like clockwork
  • Tap into today’s sales strategies that expand the bottom line

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Closing Strong - The Super Sales Handbook

How to Close Every Sale

Closing Strong—The Super Sales Handbook presents a powerful, comprehensive collection of proven strategies used by celebrated sales stars including concise real life situations and actual “dialogue” that you can use to gain immediate advantage and close more sales.

Myers shows you how to:

  • Contact and qualify prospects
  • Obtain new clients
  • Use the telephone to build urgency
  • Turn objections to your advantage
  • Know exactly what to say to win the sale

Price: $24.95

New Home Sales in a Nutshell

How to Make Every Sale - New!

New Home Sales in a Nutshell provides invaluable scripts and strategies for success in a challenged market. This powerful manual will help you realize your goals and vastly improve your conversion ratio. Whether you need solid closing strategies or tactics to get buyers’ agents to work with you, New Home Sales in a Nutshell will have you closing sales like clockwork.

This step-by-step guide provides:

  • Tried and True New Home Sales Tactics
  • Scripts for Success in a Challenged Market
  • Sensible Solutions & Practical Negotiation Tips
  • Bold Responses to Every Possible Buyer Objection
  • Ten Closing Strategies that will Double Your Conversions

Price: $24.95

Reach the Top In New Home & Neighborhood Sales

How to Create Win-Win Situations - The New Home Sales Bible!

Reach the Top is a goldmine of practical, hands-on information that works every day in real world selling situations. Carry it with you and overcome objections as they happen. Read one short chapter in Reach The Top and watch your sales results improve immediately.

You’ll discover:

  • Contact and qualify prospects
  • Obtain new clients
  • Use the telephone to build urgency
  • Turn objections to your advantage
  • Know exactly what to say to win the sale

Price: $24.95

Supercharged Sales

Guarantee Your Success

Supercharged Sales means pushing your beliefs and expanding your way of thinking—to be better and smarter than your competition and to achieve far beyond the results you want in your personal and business life. Whether you are at the top of your company or bound and determined to get there, this is the one “cookbook” for success that will earn your seal of approval. Supercharged Sales puts the fun back into your business.

You will learn:

  • How your customers want to buy new homes
  • Eight techniques that sell the co-broke community on selling with you
  • Five common selling errors with real world solutions
  • The art of making better decisions
  • The titan’s secrets to closing the sale

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The Ultimate Collection

Guarantee Your Success

  • Secret of New Home Sales Negotiation: $19.95
  • Closing Strong–The Super Sales Handbook: $14.95
  • Reach The Top In New Home & Neighborhood Sales: $24.95
  • Supercharged Sales: $24.95
  • New Home Sales in a Nutshell: $24.95
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New Home Sales Training: Selling New Homes In a Multicultural America
New E-Book!

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The United States is the top immigrant destination country in the world, with more than 40 million foreign-born residents living here. Over the next 50 years, nearly 90 percent of our population growth will come from the minority community. Minorities are becoming the majority and this powerful book will teach you the language of Multicultural New Home Sales!