About Myers Barnes

Myers Barnes
America's Favorite—and Freshest—New Home Sales Training


A shockwave of energy who has ignited profit-driven performance for innumerable real estate development companies, homebuilding corporations and sales organizations, Myers Barnes is the ultimate new home sales educator. It's no secret why. As one of the world's most requested speakers and advisors for new home sales seminars and manager training, he has produced a track record of proven success for achieving profitable sales.


Tactical Thinker & Engaging Speaker

A tactical, progressive thinker who understands the industry like no one else, Myers uses his trademark energetic style to inform, entertain, and inspire with up-to-the-minute insight. Engaging, enthusiastic, and overflowing with fresh ideas, Myers Barnes delivers tried-and-true strategies for success alongside breakthrough, profitable solutions.


Worldwide Best-Selling Author

The best-selling author of six books, including the innovative playbook for success, Secrets of New Home Sales Negotiation, Myers is an American original whose books have reached into the four corners of the world. Countless articles, workbooks, manuals and video learning systems that offer guaranteed strategies about what works, what doesn't and why, bolster his groundbreaking strategies for a new era of profitable sales.


Tried and True Entrepreneur

Myers is a rare combination of licensed General Contractor and Real Estate Broker who doesn't just talk about the business of selling homes — he lives it. A licensed General Contractor and Realtor® who climbed the rungs on the ladder of success one by one, he is a true entrepreneur with an active interest in property sales, homebuilding and community development. Myers possesses the working knowledge of what it takes to win.


Forward Thinking Solutions

This wealth of real world experience, combined with forward thinking solutions, has made him an acknowledged leader in global new-home sales and earned him a worldwide reputation as one of the industry's topmost authorities in sales, management and corporate growth. As an on-site mentor, a respected public speaker and a teleconferencing business advisor, Myers challenges listeners to become leaders and guides them into a results-oriented mindset that both supplements and complements their own individual goals.


A Fresh, Proven Perspective

Today's homebuilders must have fresh methods, up-to-the-minute strategies, and contemporary tactics to be able to triumph over this new world and create teams that can prosper in it. Myers delivers those essential tools in big, bold ways that ensure success. And he delivers them with substance, not with fluff or theory. What he says not only makes sense, but is "doable" and has proven results.


Delivering Profitable Solutions

His company, Myers Barnes Associates, is recognized as a dynamic, leading-edge business resource center for real estate development companies, homebuilding corporations and sales organizations. Billions of dollars in new home sales revenues have been generated for his company's clients.


Proven Success is Your Call

If you want America's favorite new home sales training from a proven trailblazer who delivers consultative excellence, approaches solutions from an integrated perspective, and provides compelling, profitable solutions, call Myers Barnes today.