Performance-Driven Transformational Program

Myers Barnes Breakthrough

Performance-Driven Transformational Program: The Market's Most Innovative and Effective Strategy to Ensure Greater Profitability and Lasting Success

Our simple one-sentence mission statement says it all: To bring breakthrough innovations and lasting solutions to homebuilders worldwide.

There is no back-pedaling or hidden agenda. Our mission is simply to help you make money and generate substantial profits. We accomplish this by providing you with actionable methods and strategies that will grow your business beyond anything you ever imagined or could dream.

As America's favorite new home sales training education company, we have a market-proven strategy and comprehensive assessment that will identify your organization's strengths and weaknesses, clarify your vision, sharpen your long-term focus, and provide a personalized process that aligns your mission, vision, strategies and day-to-day operations. Guaranteed.

In an age of rapid change and upheaval, our Performance-Driven Transformational Program provides stability and guidance through the peaks and pitfalls of growth while we help you reinvent your company.


Myers Barnes' Performance-Driven Transformational Program will allow you to achieve:

    • Controlled, sustainable growth and expansion.
    • Improved profitability, financial management and customer retention.
    • Predictable, replicable results.
    • Systemic personnel recruitment.
    • Talent development.
    • Systems and process integration.
    • Management and leadership coaching.
    • Regularly scheduled educational programs.
    • A sustained competitive advantage.
    • Unparalleled customer service.


Fast, focused, results-driven

Our Performance-Driven Transformational Services are formulated to help you and your management team turn challenges into breakthrough opportunities. We have proven processes and innovative approaches that channel you into accomplishing the intended results in a shorter timeframe while putting the fun back into business.

Get ready for a fast, focused, results-driven and accountable re-evolution of your company. The only decision you'll have is: "How fast do I want my company to grow?"


Your Partnership for Success:
The Performance-Driven Transformational Program will reinvent your future

In this distinctive relationship with your company, a large percentage of our fee is tied specifically to our success system and to your commitment to implement the program.


To operate as a true Performance-Driven Transformational partner, our companies team together and you become:

A true partner in success.

  • Someone with whom we reinvent the future.
  • Someone with a company that we have a vested interested in watching grow.
  • Someone who can say to us, "If you win; we win."

We've placed Performance-Driven Transformational Services in an ongoing consulting framework to help organizations like yours improve the ability of their sales department to perform as highly-profitable, rapidly-responsive, competitive homebuilders and land developers.

As Performance-Driven Transformational Partners, we plan and design the appropriate intervention based on your company's unique needs. Using a combination of onsite visits, state-of-the-art video conferencing and Web-based interaction, we co-invent programs to transform your company and ensure the desired business outcomes.

We partner with you to ensure your organization will thrive and survive. We synergistically join together and give you savvy, tactical advice that will allow your company to dominate your fair-market share. We literally engage with you to create meaningful profits and corporate security—significant words from America's favorite—and freshest--new home sales training education company.

The bottom line: As your Performance-Driven Transformational Partner, our job is to assist management and sales personnel in the meaningful pursuit of goals and to provide the accountability needed to achieve predetermined financial and organizational projections.

The first decision involved with a Performance-Driven Transformational relationship is, "How soon would you like to experience the result?"


Guaranteed Success is in the Details

The Approach

Our Performance-Driven Transformational Program is based on a successful strategy that's derived from proven systems and innovative approaches you won't find anywhere else.


When applied to your company, the strategy includes these basic steps:

  • We will join with you in identifying specific goals for your business.
  • We'll assess and mutually agree upon where you are today in relation to where you want to be.

Then, working together, we will create a proactive, goal-oriented plan that is specific and measurable so we can continuously monitor progress.


Let's get your house in order

All your existing systems will be examined and evaluated thoroughly. Then, once granted the professional latitude necessary, Myers Barnes Associates will assist in the following areas:


    • Personnel: The greatest untapped resource and the most expensive one in any organization is its people. We will evaluate both your existing team members and future salespeople and become involved with recruitment, hiring, retention and, if necessary, dismissal.
    • Sales, Policies and Procedures: This is directed toward the development and implementation of daily activities involving the sales team as each member relates to the organization in the following areas:
        1. Performance standards
        2. Hours of operation for the office and/or showcase homes
        3. Dress code
        4. Compensation
        5. All daily activities
        6. Clearly written policies & procedures
    • Identification of a Specific Sales Process: A process is a series of actions and systems directed toward an end result. The result of designing a customized sales process with systems is that your team begins targeted selling and your business (and sales) will be predictable. Long term, this translates into duplicating your actions and anticipating the same results.

    • Marketing: For a business to grow, everything it does must be aimed at adding value and assuring a profit. Marketing is no exception. To be effective, its focus must be on positioning and real consumption. All our recommendations will position your company as one of integrity and professionalism. They will also be targeted toward soliciting real, qualified prospects (sales) resulting in an increase in profits.

      We all understand that the fundamentals of real estate marketing have changed. The new-home shopping and buying experience is now largely an Internet experience. Your website is now the HUB of ALL your advertising, marketing, and sales initiatives. Content must be fresh, strategic, and relevant. It is critical that sales and marketing work in close collaboration.

      Social Media is changing the way we interact with brands and locate services and products. Along with new online media, Social Media connects with customers and prospects around the world to create momentous sales. Our program will help maximize your digital outreach investment.
    • Management Coaching: The success of a company is based upon many things, but one of the primary components is the sales manager. This is a pivotal position in any corporation. A sales manager can make or break a company by motivating or malingering and by exhibiting an attitude that's inspiring or indifferent toward the sales staff. We recognize the importance of educating the sales team, but further acknowledge the necessity of coaching your sales managers. They receive our focused attention and are held accountable for the achievement of the company goals.
    • One-On-One Coaching: It is estimated that the average salesperson works at less than 50 percent of his or her capacity. Coaching breaks that cycle and allows the salesperson to live by design, not by default. It provides guidance and encouragement, helping individuals go where they could not go by themselves. It maps the road ahead so they aren't wandering aimlessly, being deterred by imaginary roadblocks and hitting procrastination potholes. The salesperson becomes accountable not only to the coach, but also to individual and company goals.


  • Regularly Scheduled Educational Programs: Sales training is an event, while education is a process of behavioral transformation. Typically, sales training is accomplished by one of two methods: 1) The weekly/monthly sales meeting where the majority of time is spent on policy. 2) The annual/biannual company event.

    Let's review what most of us experience after the usual, common annual/biannual sales event:

      1. We attend a training or motivational seminar. When we leave, we're filled with at least some enthusiasm and excitement.
      2. Gradually, distractions creep in. Maybe they are from other people in our lives such as coworkers, managers, peers, or family who don't understand our new outlook, skills and enthusiasm. We begin to concentrate more on their concerns than on our own goals and objectives.
      3. The result: We lose focus. The fire of inspiration fades. And, before we know it, the event becomes a distant memory. We are back to the same old habits, and producing the same old results.

How Myers Barnes' hands-on process is radically different

Implementation: Implementing Performance-Driven Transformational Services ends that cycle by establishing an on-going educational process evolving from a mutual commitment. You commit your company to our systems and process. We commit a large percentage of our fees and connect them specifically to your company's success in applying our systems, strategy and processes.

Monitoring: To remain on course and to keep individuals focused on pursuing the goals, Myers Barnes Associates—as your business advisor—will regularly schedule days each month to be onsite and in person offering guidance, instruction and encouragement from the perspective of America's favorite new home sales trainer. In addition, we will monitor the process frequently via phone, fax, e-mail and video conferencing. Attentive accountability helps all of us achieve our goals and make dreams a reality.


Getting to know each other…and getting started

Due to the commitment required by each company, we implement Performance-Driven Transformational Services in two carefully planned stages:

  1. The initial step is a fee-structured, two-day, onsite meeting with Myers Barnes. This allows us to get to know one another and to evaluate the opportunities associated with Performance-Driven Transformational Services. Beyond needs assessment, Myers conducts an initial training and educational program for your organization.
  2. After committing to proceed, we will decide upon specific benchmarks and enter into an agreement. Typical agreements are for 12 months, 18 months or 24 months from the initial conception. The timeframes coupled with our targeted benchmarks are based on a variety of criteria and can include unit sales, dollar volume, improved efficiencies and other measurable components of profitability. The combination of benchmarks and a reasonable time period allows both parties to establish equitable and fair fees. The minimum agreement is for one year and involves an equitable monthly fee along with travel and other related expenses.

Reinvent your company to achieve more profitable sales.
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