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Did you know that just an hour of reading a day in your field will make you an expert? Innovative, field-tested and bursting with successful strategies and insights, Myers Barnes' books put the blueprint for success right in your hands. Join the individuals, companies, and organizations around the globe that are experiencing new home sales most exciting author, consultant and motivational speaker. Myers Barnes is America's favorite—and best selling—new home sales educator. He teaches countless people how to reach their own potential by mastering the art of new home sales. Start your Myers Barnes library today.


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New Home Sales Training: Selling New Homes In a Multicultural America

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The United States is the top immigrant destination country in the world, with more than 40 million foreign-born residents living here. Over the next 50 years, nearly 90 percent of our population growth will come from the minority community. Minorities are becoming the majority and this powerful book will teach you the language of Multicultural New Home Sales!

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Bring the amazing energy, insight and motivation of Myers Barnes right into your home or office via laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. His top-rated videos—with tactical advice on everything from mistakes to avoid to guaranteed closing techniques—are available for your personal viewing absolutely free from his extensive YouTube library. Regarded as one of America's top professional speakers, Myers Barnes is driven by the virtues of personal development and excellence. His impact in the fields of human potential and sales achievement has been far reaching. It's time to let him motivate you!

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Achieving your potential requires time and commitment. But it's important to stop and get your bearings. That's why Myers Barnes created his Must-Read 5-Minutes to Success blogs…full of his very best selling tips, insights and inspiration. Just 5 minutes will keep you up to date on industry trends and information from the expert and cull wisdom and insight from America's favorite—and freshest—new home sales trainer. Myers' blog contains volumes of information on personal development and sales training to help you become the best you can be: In your work and in your life. REE! Stay Up-To-Date On Industry Trends