Selling at Christmas: A Myth-Understanding

"Forget about selling homes in December. No one is buying during the holidays." MYTH OR REALITY?

Well, you might believe that people do not buy homes around the holidays and my response to you would be that it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. Or an excuse. If you want to kick back around the holidays, enjoy! You (probably) need and deserve the break, but don’t base your decision on the lack of buying for a sluggish December because that’s a complete myth-understanding.

Many homes are bought and sold in December, because the desire to fulfill that dream doesn’t go according to the calendar. That’s a myth created by people who just don’t want to make the effort to sell at this time of year.

If you head into December with the mindset that buyers won’t buy, I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. However, if you can adjust this attitude and recognize that a buyer is every bit as excited about buying a home at this time of year as any other, then you will succeed where the others failed.

After all, it’s not like the home purchase is coming out of their Christmas budget! Nor will they be moving on Christmas Eve. And I assure you that no homebuyer is waiting for the after-Christmas sales to make the deal on a house.

Everybody needs a vacation now and then. I certainly do! The holiday season is a wonderful time to unwind and excuse yourself from the grind for a bit. A vast majority of people in the non-home-selling world do this every year, and without the need to make an excuse. However you choose to spend the holidays, selling or celebrating, or perhaps both, I wish you a joyous, safe, and happy season and a very prosperous 2009!


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