What’s your backyard style?

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Customize your backyard to suit your style, the same way you’d customize the inside of your home! It’s always best to have a plan, so do some research, gather ideas, look at photos, and sketch out a design before jumping into a backyard renovation.

Some style inspirations…

  • Japanese Garden: If you’re looking for Zen and relaxation, this is the perfect style for you! Designed to reflect the philosophical life outlook, your backyard would include stone gardens, traditional Japanese plants and maybe even a small fishpond, not for your children to play in of course.
  • Southern Charm Backyard: Quickly becoming all of the rage, string lights and Mason jar candles, mugs, etc. are the perfect way to add that romantic magic to your backyard. Landscaping, we can’t forget the landscaping. To add that perfect touch, delicate landscaping (forget-me-nots, tulips, a willow tree if you can find a spare) is a must.
  • Ultimate Playground: If you’ve got kids running around, the best way to have them not make a mess is outside of the house! What better way to spend time with your kids than in your own backyard? Try to plot out a place for a bonfire to roast s’mores, finding a hefty branch to harness a tire swing, or even creating an outdoor lounge to read, create and relax with your kids. All of these DIY projects are as quick and easy as A,B,C!
  • Green on Green: Ever heard of farm to table? Well what about backyard to table? Growing your own fruits, veggies & herbs is easier than you think! A sunny spot and good soil are the basic necessities. (You don’t even need a lot of space. You can use containers!) Then you just need to figure out whether you want to grow tomatoes and cucumbers, or raspberries and melons, or basil and thyme… Or maybe all of them!

Whatever your aesthetic, be sure to turn your backyard into a place where you and your family want to be! Stepping out your door should mean stepping into a retreat of your own, whether it be to relax in a hammock, refresh your green thumb or be a kid again – be sure to be outside this summer!

Myers Barnes is America’s favorite new home sales trainer, author, speaker and consultant.  For more information, please visit www.myersbarnes.com.

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