Do you deliver frictionless buying?

Friction isn’t just that chafing feeling when someone is rubbing you the wrong way. In the language of selling, friction is a barrier. It’s a reason for someone to think twice, and perhaps go elsewhere. The less friction you create between you and your buyer, the more seamless the experience for both of you.

Look at Amazon, the master of frictionless buying. When you want something—anything—you search the online retailer’s site. You check the reviews, make your choice, and it’s one-click easy to buy what you want, delivered where it needs to be, in two days (or less) for no shipping.

Can it get any more frictionless than that?

Sure. I can order whenever I want because Amazon never closes. If I open a gift on Christmas morning and it’s not what I want, need, or will ever wear, I can go to Amazon’s site and exchange it, right then. They’ll even have someone pick it up from my door. They are always open and they deliver on Sundays.

Frictionless Businesses

Amazon is one of the world’s largest retailers, and it achieved that status without a brick-and-mortar store.

Uber is the largest transportation business worldwide and the company made it to the top without owning a single vehicle.

Airbnb is the global leader in vacation travel, without owning any rooms!

Each of these businesses disrupted their industry and dethroned competitors through frictionless selling and service. They make it as easy as possible for the customer to get what they want. You do whatever it takes to make the purchasing decision a seamless no-brainer. Minimize the steps. Remove the obstructions for a frictionless buying process.

How does this relate to new home sales?

How’s your website?

Today, 78% of your weekend web traffic comes in over a mobile phone! So, is your website Mobile First, super-fast and easily navigable?

Important questions to think about when it comes to your website…

  • How many times do you meet with a customer before they choose to buy from you?
  • How many phone calls and emails are exchanged? Does your customer have to wait for a response? How long is the wait?
  • How many design variations and finance options do you present?

Every unnecessary step along the path to purchase is an opportunity for your customer to take a detour elsewhere.

If Amazon’s store was only open certain hours, would you continue to shop there?

If Uber didn’t conduct their business over your mobile phone, or the driver was not 5 Star rated, and they conducted their business the same as a cab, or if they arrived late, would you use the service again?

There are ways to reduce the friction in your sales process. We’ll come back later to give you more information or feel free to get in touch to get started right away: contact Builder Designs

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