New Home Sales Training – Browsers to Buyers: Proven Strategies for Selling New Homes Online

Browsers to Buyers purchaseI’m excited to announce the release of a new manual by Mike Lyon that will show you how to sell and market new homes online.

My relationship with Mike began when he was my student and I was counseling him on how to establish an internet sales department for my good friend and favorite homebuilder.

Within days, Mike’s brilliance became evident and I was no longer counseling — but collaborating — with him. Now, it’s your turn. Thanks to this marvelous manual, you will discover how to attract and track online new home buyers. Follow his instruction and you will learn how to close more online leads — automatically, confidently and professionally — and make a favorable impression with every home buyer who visits your website.

Mike is, without question, the master of the internet. He delivers his message as someone who knows what he’s talking about because he has learned from experience. What he teaches not only makes sense, but is also simple to follow and easy to implement. He is literally the heavyweight champion of the world for online, real estate sales.

About The Book


Whether you have a commanding internet presence or you are stuck in the digital dark ages, Browsers to Buyers will deliver the proven methods necessary to develop or improve your online new home sales. This essential guide provides an easy-to-follow roadmap leading to a successful Online Sales Program that will help you attract and capture more qualified buyers. Industry insider Mike Lyon reveals the trade secrets that promise to explode your online sales and convert more of your Browsers into Buyers.

Inside this manual you will find:

  • The Online Sales Formula and Process
  • How to hire just the right person as your Online Sales Counselor
    and how to structure that position
  • The necessary components of an attention-getting
    homebuilder’s website
  • Online Marketing that’s tailored specifically for homebuilders
  • A detailed overview of the Follow-Up Process
  • E-mail examples and phone scripts that produce results
  • Tips on selecting the best Leads Management System
  • How to track and measure the success of your program
  • And much, much more

What industry leaders are saying

“Browsers to Buyers will provide you with a paint-by-numbers process to help you start, manage or turnaround your online sales department.”

Stephen Feltner
President –

“Mike Lyon is master of the internet who delivers his message from the trenches, and what he teaches not only makes sense, but is simple to follow and easy to implement. He is literally the heavyweight champion of the world for online, real estate sales.”


Myers Barnes
President – Myers Barnes Associates Inc.

“The Online Sales Program Mike created has been one of the primary factors in our sales growth. What a great return on investment! Every builder, no matter how big or small, should have program like this.”


Greg Simmons
Simmons Homes

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