Bread for the Head – Myers Barnes

The Bible tells us that man does not live by bread alone. In addition to food, we are instructed to live on a steady diet of words. The particular words in the Bible that provide sustenance "flow from the mouth of God," but words from all sources can nourish the mind just as food nourishes the body. Food may enhance our physical strength, but words fortify our mental and emotional muscles.

Words are everywhere — on television, billboards, T-shirts, radios and computers. You’ll find them in books and hear them in the movies and on CDs and DVDs. They even appear as text messages on your cell phone.

What is a seminar? Words. What is a sermon or a speech? Words. They are all bread for the head. They feed your spirit; nurture your soul. They encourage, inform and inspire. They seed the common places of your mind and take root. A steady diet of healthy words helps you grow into a better person.

Why am I talking about words? Because I hear people repeatedly make this statement: I do not want to work harder; I want to work smarter. Really? That’s when I want to ask them: How can you work smarter without a plan for becoming smarter? The answer is so simple, it’s almost offensive. You can’t.

This begs the next question: If you want to work smarter, what new books, CD’s and seminars are on your list? Working smarter is a bit like licking honey off a thorn. You do it patiently, persistently and precisely.

As you work harder at becoming smarter, keep in mind this simple truth: Knowledge is proud that it knows so much; wisdom is humble that it knows no more. Your goal is to be wiser; not a wisenheimer.

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