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More than a dozen years ago I was introduced to "the slight edge" concept of business. So what is the slight edge and how do you obtain it?

In sports, business, and all walks of life, the organization or person who wins (however you define winning) isn’t necessarily one hundred times, or even ten times, better than the competition. Winners generally are not even extraordinary people. The winning competitor just tends to be a little better at the important things, and does them in an extraordinary fashion. Let me give you an example: The baseball hitter who hits over a .300 batting average will earn at least ten times as much as a player who hits .250.

Yet, the difference between the two players is only one additional hit every twenty times at bat. That’s all!

You don’t have to be obsessively productive to be a sales superstar. Simply exceed expectations from the customer’s point of reference on a consistent basis and you are the winner. Bottom line: Success doesn’t always require major sacrifice. Just routinely close one additional prospect out of 20 tries. Your closing average will jump from 5 percent to 10 percent, and you’ll have sales that are out of the ballpark.

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Myers Barnes
Myers Barnes Associates, Inc.

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