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During the revolutionary war one of the most severe naval battles took place off the coast of Scotland. Privateer John Paul Jones was battling against a better equipped British Naval Vessel. After a relentless engagement of the enemy’s superior guns, Jones’s barely surviving, with his ship ablaze, and many of his men wounded or dead the British Captain called out to Jones, "Sir, are you ready to strike your colors and surrender?" Jones boldly replied, "Surrender, sir? I have not yet begun to fight!" To which he lead his tattered forces to a fuming counter attack. The enemy surrendered and Jones took command of the overwhelming British forces.

You may have noticed our postings have become less frequent. We are not abandoning the ship (blog). We are under construction, reinventing the blog to provide superior solutions for the market we have at hand. Stay tuned, keep visiting and over the next few weeks you will notice an amazing transformation. And in the words of John Paul Jones: "Surrender to this market? We have not yet begun to fight."

Keep Selling,

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