Conditions That Can Weaken or Strengthen Your Position In A Negotiation

1. Home Court Advantage
Always negotiate on your home turf or in a neutral area. If you are on someone else’s turf, you are out of your comfort zone and this alone can psychologically cripple you. NOTE: The party who concedes this point is establishing a pattern for future concessions.

2. Fear of Titles
From birth we are taught to obey parents, teachers, and those in authority. Titles conjure up feelings of authority. NOTE: To reckon with authority, you must get away from the "title." When introduced to Dr. Bill Smith, or John Jones, Vice President, simply say: "Bill my name is________. Is it OK if I call you Bill?"

3. Promise of Reward
Many times, when negotiating with those perceived to have social or financial advantages, you may allow them to have power. Beware when they start mentioning the yacht, plane, vacation house, etc., that they are playing one-upmanship. Regardless of the outcome and promises, you probably never will be rewarded with anything other than that for which you initially negotiated.

3. Fear of Punishment
Also taught from birth, we are conditioned to fear failure and intimidation. NOTE: To reckon with fear always be thinking, "What’s the worse that could happen if my offer is rejected?"

4. Control by Charisma
It’s fascinating how easily those who have high levels of personal charm or celebrity status can sway us. When you combine charisma with a title and you reward power, you can easily be overwhelmed. NOTE: The counterattack is to focus on the desired outcome, not the person.

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