The Sale Before the Sale

Why do people buy? When I ask this to both individuals and audiences, I usually get these logical answers:

1. It was the right price: If a customer really desires the product or service, cost is not a factor.

2. It’s what I need: People seldom buy what they need! In most cases, desire drives the customer to spend beyond his basic needs to purchase what he wants.

3. It’s what I can afford: In this country many of us tend to spend more than we earn, to the point of often living above our means. (Generally, our society is not recognized for its ability to save money)

Your customer buys many products like real estate, furniture, cars, or computer systems for emotional reasons and then justifies the purchase logically. Prices, terms and even quality are the logical explanations, and salespeople and consumers alike believe we become involved because of these. But the truth is, consumers rarely make a purchase based on logic.

We are emotional beings and every choice in life is flushed through emotional levels prior to reaching logical channels. We become excited first and then we rationalize our decision to buy something by saying, “It was the right price or it was what I needed.

In truth your customer never “buys” a product or service. He buys a feeling or perception of satisfaction that your product or service will provide. It is not just a commodity, but a dream fulfillment. Your customer will see himself benefiting in some way by possessing what you have to offer.

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