Common Selling Errors

Failure to ask for the order…The main reason people do not buy is they are not asked to own.  As we discussed earlier, up to 50 percent of all sales calls end without the salesperson attempting to close even once.

Even when you do attempt to close, statistics indicate the average sale does not occur until the prospect is asked to own a minimum of five to seven times.  In my estimation, five to seven attempts are conservative, and I suggest you that must ask an even greater number of times using multiple closing techniques.

Only a small percentage of salespeople possess the technical ability to ask for the order multiple times.  The average not-so-successful salesperson waits until the end of the presentation, then nervously shifts back and forth, asking for the order in the following manner:  "Is this what you had in mind?  Or the classic, "Well, what do you think?"  By the way, when you ask people what they think, you’re giving them a feeling you are indecisive and their response will be, "I want to think about it."

You must be eager, prepared and confident to close.  And the more ways you know how to ask, the more likely you are to ask, thus the more likely you are to close.

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