Closing Techniques: The Invitational Close

This close is the first closing technique I learned primarily because of its simplicity.  Yet, through the years it has become one of my all time favorite ways to ask for the order.

My two favorite questions with the Invitational Close are:  "Why don’t you give it a try?" or “Why don’t you take it?"  Either one is a delicate, yet powerful method that gently urges your prospect toward ownership.

You can use this close either at the end or during your sales presentation to conclude the transaction.  It will be preceded by a trial close such as, "Mr. Prospect, how do you like it?" or  “Mr. Prospect do you have any further questions?"

Super Achiever:  Mr. Prospect, how do you like the copier?
Prospect:  I do like it.
Super Achiever:  Great, why don’t you give it a try?

Inviting the prospect to make a buying decision is a low-key method that bridges to the decision to own.  With my consulting and seminar services I might say, "John, increased productivity makes sense to you, doesn’t it?  Why don’t you give our services a try?"

The more direct invitational close is "Why don’t you take it?" I suggest this close to real estate professionals when showing properties.  After demonstrating and presenting a home in its entirety ask:

Super Achiever:  Bill, Mary how do you like the home?
Prospects:  We absolutely love it.
Super Achiever:  Great, why don’t you take it?

Check back for more closing techniques, containing the most powerful tried and proven methods available to help your customer to agree…

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