The "Law of Six"

In sales there is a universal axiom that sales trainer Brian Tracy calls The Law of Six.  It states, "customers really have no more than six objections to owning your product or service."

You may hear what seems like countless objects to sales during your career.  However, if you categorize the objections you will find they normally fall into six basic categories.

In my real estate business, our objections were:

  1. Price
  2. Competition
  3. Performance
  4. Finance
  5. Third Party Approval
  6. Legal and Tax Benefits

After identifying all objections we received regularly, we developed iron-clad scripted answers to them.  Thus once we armed ourselves with airtight answers to these predictable objections, which used to block the sale, my company set new sales records.  The point is you cannot wait until you are involved in the presentation and then try to make up an answer.  You must proactively prepare in advance!

Your job as a professional is to discover for yourself, or with your sales team, the six common objections you hear consistently.  Once identified, it’s a simple process of internalizing and memorizing potent responses.  Then when the predictable objections appear, you answer easily ad effortlessly and automatically move to the close.

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