E-Marketing Mastery

Lately, I’ve been asked more and more questions about online marketing and how to budget and best use funds for driving more traffic. While I pride myself on being an expert in new home sales, the world is changing, and Internet marketing is becoming an increasingly critical component of effective outreach. And the guy I turn to when I have questions about Internet marketing is Tom Nelson of NDG Communications.

Many of you will remember Tom from my Sales Manager’s Summit this past June. Tom’s not like most of the other "internet marketing guru" types out there. The difference between those people and Tom is that he will not only tell you WHY you should be doing Internet marketing Tom will actually tell you HOW, with detailed specifics.

So I’ve asked Tom to become a guest contributor to my blog to share with you the latest insights, fundamental wisdom, and real-world techniques for using the internet to boost your sales and reach your goals. I know that if anybody can help us make sense of the new electronic frontier, and help us all get through this challenging time by working smarter, it will be Tom Nelson.

In the following weeks, Tom will be writing the blog, and giving you the strategies that he, as an industry expert, believes we should all be adapting in order to do our absolute best to attract qualified prospects and beat the competition to the punch.

Tom’s a true innovator, and he’s accessible. His company NDG Communications, Inc., has helped builders, developers, and real estate firms of all sizes and locations maximize their marketing investment to reach and exceed sales goals, even in the most challenged of markets. You can check out NDG’s work at www.NDGCommunications.com.

And I guarantee that if you read everything Tom writes in my blog, and follow his advice, you will see a dramatic change in your traffic no matter what the DOW or FED is doing!

Keep Selling, Super Achievers!

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