Getting to the Top, Part 2

In this follow-up post, real estate advertising and e-marketing expert Tom Nelson shares more on how website searches are used by prospective homebuyers and how you can make sure your website is as close to the top of their list as possible.

As I mentioned last time, with interactive advertising the advertiser now has total control of budget meaning they determine how much they are willing to pay for each click, and how many clicks they will pay for in a pre-determined period.

And, with the fully detailed reports of the campaign’s performance provided by the various ad venues (Google AdWords, AdSense,, etc.) you can now actually see and determine what works and what doesn’t to refine your approach to maximize the return on your online advertising investment.

This is the true advertising revolution: You are now in control. You determine what is spent, where it’s spent, and when to change course to ensure your share of the prospect pie. And you do it armed with hard and accurate information about your results.

Stay tuned for more new home sales insights from real estate e-marketing expert Tom Nelson.

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