What will "Become" of you?

I recently presented a seminar to a group of new homes salespeople. During the question-answer session, one participant asked me, "My business is off by 30 percent in my models. What can I do?"

To me, the answer was obvious. "Become 30 percent better."

The operative word here is "become.” We are living in an unpleasant present so we have to move beyond that and "become.” Become more creative. Become more assertive. Become better salespeople.

You know what they say about bad dogs? There are no bad dogs, only bad dog owners. The same holds true for the housing market. Personally, I don’t believe in "bad" markets. The truth is, there is no such thing as a bad market; there are merely bad responses to the challenges you’ve been given. The market has changed so your response needs to adapt. If you’re struggling, it’s because you’re mired in the past inflexible and uncreative.

Here’s your opportunity. You can complain about the bleak future of selling those homes or you can work harder and smarter to find the buyers that fit the market you’re in. Complaining locks you in one place: the past. Ninety-nine percent of what we complain about is in the past. But you’re trying to change your future. How can you get to a brighter future when your feet are stuck in concrete blocks?

Focus on the outcomes that you can affect, not the situation that is crippling your business acumen. Unleash your creativity not your bad dog.


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