Casualness Causes Casualties

A reporter secures an interview with the devil. Time to put him in the hot seat, thinks the hot-shot journalist. The reporter wants to learn about the tools the devil uses to deceive people, expecting to expose some flaw in his evil powers.

"What is the most deceptive tool you use on people: dishonesty, lust, or jealousy?" asks the reporter.

"None of the above," chuckles Satan. "My most useful weapon is apathy. Humans who just don’t care are easiest stripped of their loftiest dreams."

That’s straight from the devil, folks. Your nightmares all begin when you care less. This casualness leads to being careless, and carelessness leads to casualties. When you’re not focused on making an effort, you make mistakes. An apathetic society that is satisfied with "good enough" is destined for mediocrity. There, it is the minority — those who are driven with ambition — who become outstanding among the indifferent.

You can say you have enough to get by, but at what cost? What would it take for you to achieve greater results? And what would be the outcome if you were to reach that pinnacle? Would you benefit others as well as yourself?

Now, imagine if we all took that extra step, away from apathy, and made the move toward caring more, not less. It’s okay to be satisfied with what you have, but not with what you could become. Make an effort to be remarkable.

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