What is the Difference in Those Who Make It and Those Who Don’t?

In reality, there is no question of “if” you’re going to make a mistake. The only unknown is “when” and “how big”. We all have setbacks. We experience financial losses, disappointments in our careers and our lives, the difficulties of personal loss, like divorce, addiction, accidents, and even deaths. The people who know how to both overcome and learn from those missteps are the winners. Do you possess the power of the comeback? Or do you cling to the woes?

So why would you tackle your future without first establishing a plan to make the most of your time, talents, and opportunities? If you want to become wealthy, create a wealth plan. If you want more joy in your life, craft a happiness plan. Determine those things that will make you wealthier or happier and determine a strategy and schedule to incorporate them into your life.

So, you need to effectively gauge your “get over it” factor. How long will you wrestle with a failure? I used to warn my wife, after a particularly frustrating setback, that I intended to be the most negative person on the planet for 24 hours. I would fuss, whine, grumble, and growl for one day only. Being the tolerant, patient, and understanding woman I married, she knows enough to ignore my tirade. We both know that this 24-hour period is my “get over it” process. She also suggests that I spend a little time listening to my own motivational tapes.

How much time will you allow yourself to grieve or grouse? Can you set and adhere to limits so that you don’t invest too much time in such a fruitless expense of time and energy? Your answer will determine which group will take you in: those who make it or those who don’t.

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