4 Questions Your Presentation Must Answer

If you’re thinking that all you have to do is present the benefits and amenities of a new home in order to entice a sale, stop.

There are four key questions you must answer — whether the buyer asks them or not — when making a sales presentation.

1. Why me? As a salesperson, you’ve got to nail this one because if you aren’t crystal clear as to why you’re the person to buy from, your prospect won’t have a clue either. You are the conduit to the home buyer realizing a dream. But you must first instill the confidence that you are the right person to make it happen. Share your track record. Let them know you excel in your field. Talk about long-term relationships that have developed with other buyers.

2. Why us? In addition to your stellar record, you need to communicate the value of the company you represent. A buyer purchases from you but that company looms largely in the background. Are your guarantees etched in stone? Does your company have a record of compelling value and a service department that is second to none?

3. Why here? You’re asking this buyer to invest in a community of homes and its owners. Give them the motivation to choose this location over another. Point out the town’s investment in the infrastructure, the recognized quality of the school system and local health care facilities. Draw attention to the value of the neighborhood that surrounds the home so they can envision not only living in the home but in the community as well.

4. Why now? This is a tough one, particularly in light of the “sit and wait for the prices to drop” game that’s going on. Sell the urgency. Is this the last home on a desirable cul-de-sac? Are other buyers showing serious interest? Is there a time-sensitive purchasing incentive dangled by the builder?

When you are prepared to deliver these answers, you should also be ready to close the sale instantly.

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