Get out and sell

A home sales center should be welcoming and comfortable — for the guests. As a salesperson, you should spend as little time as possible sitting in your office. Sales don’t happen here. Sure, you handle the paperwork and finalize details here, but the deciding moment will occur at the site.

Tom Richey, the brain behind the “Top Gun” sales and marketing seminars, said, “The more I site, the more I write.” He knows that as a new homes sales professional, you need to show, more than tell. A customer who is considering the purchase of a homesite or new home should be escorted to the site under consideration. Site plans, elevations, floor plans, and spec sheets don’t sell homes. Talking about the wonderful amenities doesn’t close the sale. This type of one-dimensional selling works for catalog and online shoppers but they aren’t making the biggest investment of their lives there. And those purchases are returnable.

Take them to the property. Let them see where they could be living, see the view, and imagine themselves in this space. Take in that new home smell.

The job of the sales center is to whet the appetite with visuals that entice. You should have the eye candy that gets your prospect to the “ooh and ahh” stage. Don’t allow yourself to be lulled into the comfort of this space because “comfort” doesn’t close the deal. Excitement does.

Seeing is believing. Seeing is selling.

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