Your Daily Sardine Sandwich

Bill is a construction worker who has just started a new job. His foreman has advised him that the crew members bring their own lunches, rather than taking an off-site lunch hour. With a shorter midday break, the reward is ending the day a half-hour earlier.

So, on his first day’s lunch break, Bill opens his cooler, unwraps the sandwich, and complains, “Sardine sandwich? I hate sardine sandwiches.”

He throws out the undesirable meal and goes back to work, angry and still hungry.

The next day, he discovers not one, but two sardine sandwiches in his lunch box. He groans and tosses them in the trash.

On the third day, when he again discovers sardine sandwiches in his lunch box, his foreman suggests that he asks his wife to pack something else. He looks at the man and replies, “Nah, I pack my own lunch.”

Every day, we pack our own “lunches”, meaning we make our own choices. We decide how to dress, what actions to take, and how focused we will be on achieving our goals. Yet, so many people complain about their lives and their work. Albert Einstein once said the definition of insanity is repeating the same action over and over and expecting a different result. So, if you are conducting each day with the same mindset, the same energy (or lack thereof), and the same actions, you should not complain that your life is not meeting your expectations. In truth, you are not meeting your own expectations. You are failing yourself.

Is it time to pack a new lunch so you can savor a more flavorful life?

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