Faintly Familiar Fable #4 – Hare Today … Gone Tomorrow

One day, while the new home sales folks were sitting around the model home, Mr. Hare began boasting about how he was up to speed on all the new social media. Mr. T. Ortoise, however, couldn’t understand what all the boasting was about and why being technologically savvy was even necessary. He had been in new home sales for 122 years and learned early in his career that slow and steady wins the race. He had followed the same routine every day and always made enough money to pay his bills.

Mr. Hare, however, was all about change. He lived fast and worked the same way. He could text100 words a minute. His Facebook page was updated regularly and he was as good at Tweeting as Ashton Kutcher.

“You need to get up to speed,” Mr. Hare told Mr. T. Ortoise. “You’re still on the technological dirt road. Get on the high-tech highway. Social media’s where the future is in new home sales.” “You’re hare-brained,” Mr. T. Ortoise replied, slowly emerging from his shell. “Buyers like the personal touch. They get enough emails, texts and whatever. I don’t need to add to that and I don’t need you pressuring me.”

Mr. Hare wasn’t about to let that pass, so he challenged Mr. T. Ortoise to a race. “Let’s see who can sell the most homes this month,” Mr. Hare said. “I have been the top salesperson all year. No one has beaten me yet, and I don’t think you’ll come anywhere close with your outdated sales methods.”

“Well, we’ll see!” Mr. T. Ortoise said. “Hold your boasting until the end of the month.” Mr. Hare was off to a rapid start. He immediately replied to inquiries on his web page because he knew that customers expect a response within five minutes. He asked for referrals from clients. He texted potential buyers and was heavy into social networking, blogging and promoting his brand of homes. Mr. Hare was an expert in multiplying his efforts. However, he worked so hard that sometimes he would run out of steam and have to close his office door to take an afternoon siesta.

In the meantime, Mr. T. Ortoise never napped, but plodded away faithfully following the same routine he had for years. He knew how the month would end. Mr. Hare would burn himself out and slow-and-steady would win. There would be no hoppy ending for this rabbit. At the end of the month when the new home sales were tallied, sure enough … Mr. Hare won by a landslide. After all, life isn’t a fairy tale and those who tarry … fail.

The Moral: In a world that moves with Google-like speed, you can’t be a tortoise and expect to win. You have to leave the comfort of your warm, safe shell and explore new territory. If you aren’t practicing your skills and staying current on technology, someone … somewhere … is and when you meet that person, he or she will win.

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