Faintly Familiar Fable #8 – The Market’s Falling!

Once upon a time in 2008, Mr. Litchen Little was sitting outside his favorite coffee shop when an acorn fell from a nearby tree and hit him on the head. At the time, Little was reading the housing section of his daily newspaper and the stats didn’t look good. Nationwide only 485,000 new homes had sold, which was a major drop from the 776,000 that sold in 2007 and the 1,052,000 new homes selling in 2006, the article said. “Wow!” Mr. Little exclaimed, picking up the acorn. “New home prices are falling just like this little nut.”

He jumped up and ran all over town proclaiming, “New home prices are falling! New
home prices are falling!” Many salespeople panicked; a few ignored him and went on
about their business. Mr. Little didn’t know what to do. As a new home salesperson, his
future was at risk.

He couldn’t throw himself into his work because this dark cloud was hanging over the
whole industry. He fretted and fumed for days before running into Lenny Penny.
“Lenny! I don’t know what to do! All the housing reports look bad … really bad. I’m
discouraged and scared that I won’t be able to make it in today’s economy,” Mr. Little

Lenny Penny looked at him gently and very wisely said, “Listen Little. Just because it
looks impossible to you doesn’t mean it’s impossible for everyone. Those who will work
hard in today’s market will increase their potential for success; and if they can succeed,
then that’s proof that you can, too. Remember … great performance is preceded by
great preparation.”

Little thought about that. “Well, this is the profession I’ve chosen, so I should give it my
all or I should get out and try another career.”

He loudly proclaimed, “I must sacrifice much to accomplish much!” Folks standing
nearby looked at him strangely, but Little wasn’t short on enthusiasm. Although some
said he was a nut to go out on a limb like that, he didn’t hesitate; and from that day on,
Little was a big success in new home sales.

The Moral in Rhyme:
Don’t believe everything you’re told.
Don’t panic when you hear the news,
That prices have fallen down so far,
We’re singing the housing-market blues.
If others can succeed in sales,
That’s proof that you can do it, too.
It’s not a mountain you must conquer;
But the fear inside of you.

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