Threshold Thoughts

At Christmas time
More than during
Any other season
The home is
Celebrated and decorated.
The wreath on the door,
The star on the tree,
The lights in the windows,
Bathe the home
In Heaven’s glow.
It becomes the stable under the star;
A place of protection and peace…
Of huggings and homecomings.

Those of us who build and sell them,
Forget that we provide the key
To this pathway
Of the heart.

With every home we sell,
Goes a threshold …
A portal …
A promise
Of another chance.
A fresh start.
A rebirth.

What better gift
To provide others,
Than a place of hope
Where families can be
Wrapped up in each other
Around a table or tree.
And where people of all
Faiths and nationalities
Can begin again …

Wishing you a joyous season,

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