The Key To Success – A 2 X 4

A 2×4 and focus go hand in hand. Most people can’t achieve their level of success because they just cant maintain their focus. They allow themselves to be diverted. If I were to take a 2×4 and lay it on the ground and tell you to focus walk, focus walk, focus walk, you’d probably be able to focus on that 2×4 and walk its length. Why so? Because you are focused. There’s nothing else to distract you.

Now if I took that same 2×4 and stretched it between two 40′ buildings, would you be able to walk it then? No, because you’d lose your focus. Instead of focusing on the walk you’d focus on the fall.

We don’t think of the possibilities, we think of the impossibilities. What do super-achievers do that others are unable to do? They keep their focus and walk their walk. Focus on the outcome you are looking for, not the situation you are in. Focus.

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