Good. Better. Best.

New home salespeople need responsible leadership and consequential management. They should be trained by those who have experience in the trenches and then shepherded into success with consequences attached to their performance. For example, if salespeople aren’t meeting their goals, sales managers should have a heart-to-heart with them to find out if they are really cut out for new home sales or if they need additional training.

There must always be a consequence attached to a goal so salespeople know that if they do or don’t do something that’s expected by management, then a particular consequence will follow. No exceptions.

If you’re a sales manager who finds it too difficult to enforce consequential management, then consider this: Why keep you around? If you aren’t there to provide leadership and accountability, then why not eliminate your position and allow the sales team to succeed according to their own initiatives?

Management is not a popularity contest. If your desire is for your salespeople to like you, then have no accountability or consequences. Just let everyone do what they want; but, if your desire is for them to succeed, then you must provide what they need.

If you’re a new home salesperson, you have a responsibility to continually improve your skills whether you have management looking over your shoulder or not. As the old saying goes: Good. Better. Best. Never let it rest until your “good” is “better” and your “better” is “best.”

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