PCBC: More Leads, More Sales, No Excuses – June 22-24

For more than five decades, PCBC The Show has connected the homebuilding industry with the ideas, inspiration and innovation to grow and thrive. From development through design and construction, PCBC has proudly served as an incubator of excellence – encouraging all who imagine and build the places where we love to live. Don’t miss this workshop on June 23, with Myers Barnes, Americas Favorite New Home Sales Trainer, and Mike Lyon, Online Sales Expert for builders and real estate companies.

Thursday, June 23
More Leads. More Sales. No Excuses.
Ticket Required: $75
This concentrated package of new home sales and marketing “how-to” strategies and techniques will provide attendees with the tools required to launch, manage, and re-energize their sales and marketing programs. With a special focus on online marketing methods, including an actionable e-marketing tactical plan, the lessons learned here will prepare your sales team for maximizing opportunities in 2011.
Attendees will be led through a step-by-step process that will teach them the new fundamentals of creating and deploying an integrated online and on-site sales and marketing program, and the most recent and up-to-date insight and guidance on online marketing for the real estate industry will also be provided. All information is provided in the form of practical and actionable “how-to” content—so attendees walk away with concrete methods that are proven to increase leads, sales, and profitability.

Learning Outcomes

  • This high-energy program will provide the fundamentals of creating, planning, budgeting, and implementing your 2011 sales and marketing plan. Special emphasis is placed on new methods of maximizing resources utilizing new technologies and online strategies. Attendees will learn to close the circle between online experience and on-site experience to capture and create the most conversions possible.
  • Attendees will learn a proven step-by-step technique to create online content that resonates with potential homebuyers. The importance of your online content, how to create it, how to disseminate it across the Internet—all at very low or little cost—will be covered in detail. There will be no more confusion over what to do, or how to do it; attendees will be provided with a roadmap for online advertising and marketing success.
  • The ultimate goal of your online efforts is to convert Internet browsers into buyers. Learn how to create the digital inbound path for your prospects that attracts the right buyer for the right home, all the way from generating the first search engine lead to capturing an online registration to e-lead follow-up and conversion using our industry-proven formula.
  • Finally, attendees will learn how to successfully integrate their online and on-site sales efforts. Since the user’s first experience of a community or product is online, the entire experience from website to on-site must be consistent and attendees will learn how to extend the online experience to the on-site experience, always enjoying the benefit of the automated online work that was done beforehand to help close the sale.

PCBC 2011 San Francisco
June 22-24: Exhibits and Conferences
Moscone Center
747 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA 94103

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