The Darkroom

We all have an emotional darkroom … a place we withdraw to where negatives develop.

It’s here that we examine ourselves under a critical eye and decide that we come up short. We’re not good enough … not smart enough … not strong enough. We blame ourselves … we blame others … we blame circumstances … we whine.

I once heard a comedian say, “I am tired of hearing people complain about how it isn’t their day. With six billion people on the planet, what are the chances that this would be your day?”

It’s natural — maybe even therapeutic — to occasionally be a darkroom dweller; but why make it a habit?

It’s better to follow this advice: Don’t complain, blame or explain. Assume responsibility for your actions and for the decisions you make. This enables you to change your circumstances and empowers you to handle life on your terms.

With fewer negatives to deal with, you won’t be in the dark when opportunity knocks.

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