Blog it!

Science Magazine reported that each day the average person transmits information equivalent to six newspapers and receives data equaling 174 newspapers – much of it in videos and photographs.

Are you part of today’s media stream? If you aren’t blogging, you’re not in it and you’re missing a major market.

As the host of your own blog, you can reach a vast number of potential homebuyers and increase your online presence by contributing to other blogs.

What should you write about on your blog? Anything related to new homes, the housing industry, mortgages, your life in sales, lessons learned and other topics that are of interest to you.

A Realtor I know is talented in interior design and blogs about ways to decorate a new home. Another one is a committed jogger blogger. She writes about the joys and headaches of running on trails and in marathons.

Are you into backyard gardening? Preserving food? Sewing? Home-improvement projects? Children’s activities? Fishing? Write about it. Nothing lengthy. A few short graphs written in an honest, conversational way are all you need. Remember, a blog is nothing more than an online journal that allows you to connect and interact with readers.

For free templates, go to sites such as, and Use Wikispaces and EzineArticles to post content and IMAutomator and OnlyWire to submit your blog posts to other social networking sites.

Expect to invest a little time keeping your blog current. Just as you can’t plough a field by turning it over in your mind, you can’t cultivate social media without working at it.

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