A breakthrough or a breakdown?

What’s on your agenda this week? A little rejection perhaps? Maybe one or two closing remarks? Some high anxiety?

One of the common traits I’ve found among new home salespeople is that they worry about closing the sale. In fact, it bothers them so much that, according to statistics, 87% of them do not even do a simple close when a buyer walks into a model home. We also know that nearly 90% of salespeople don’t even get a registration card completed with an address, both buyers’ names, e-mail and phone number. Without that information, there is no follow-up opportunity.

Closing makes salespeople nervous. They fear rejection and feel overwhelmed at the thought of asking the buyer for a commitment.

So, here’s a thought. Forget the nervous breakdown. Have a breakthrough instead. Stop assuming new-home shoppers aren’t going to buy today. Start seeing them as half-way committed to owning one of your new homes. Then use one of my favorite simple closes:

You: “I sense you love this home. Am I correct?”

Buyers: “Well, yeah.”

You: “Then shall we make this one yours?”

That’s it. Nothing involved. This close puts buyers in the position of committing to purchase or telling you why they aren’t ready right now. Some will buy. Some won’t. So what? Either way, you’ve brought them to a point of decision.

This is a skills-based housing market today. To excel, you must overcome your fear of rejection. Ask those closing questions. Get follow-up information on everyone who enters your model home. Do it enough and it will become second nature.

To quote Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act; but a habit.”

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