The Company With The Best Talent Thrives

You can have the best-built homes. You can implement cutting-edge marketing and sales training strategies. You can apply strategic thinking and artfully merchandise your home. These are all important factors in your success, but they do not drive a business.

Talent does.

If, for example, you have a recurring marketing problem in your company, then you should hire a more talented person to run your marketing department—someone with the skills to overcome the challenges. Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

I’ll go even further and contend that you can build a major enterprise by simply surrounding yourself with the best people you can find. Talent draws—and keeps—talent. People want to work with and for professionals they can respect and learn from. It’s that kind of effectual circle you should integrate in your career at every level—from the leader at the top of the company’s pyramid all the way to the people at the base of the organization.

The reality is that to have the best talent, you must hire the best people.

Happy hunting, Myers

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