Pump Up with a Mental Workout

Mental workoutWe’ve become a sedentary society. Drive-thrus and remote controls have become our downfall. We need to make an effort to get moving and stay fit.

And I mean physically and mentally fit.

When you stop working out, whatever muscles you had turn to flab. You need to remain active to keep your body functioning at peak performance. You engage in fitness workouts—cardio, free weights, aerobics, walking, sports, or whatever exercise suits your interest. Think how good you feel after a workout. Your blood is more actively circulating through your body and you feel invigorated, motivated, and inspired.

Apply the same concept to your mental fitness. Give it a workout. Challenge your mind to become stronger. Read. Listen to audio books and podcasts. Attend seminars, workshops, and webinars.

The online world is brimming with information. You can find a wealth of knowledge here, whenever you want. Choose a topic you want to explore and search for credible (emphasis on “credible”) resources.

Sparking the brain neurons is proven to sharpen your senses. You become more attuned to the world around you. You respond more quickly. Your memory improves. Before you know it, you’re seeing the world more clearly, uncovering ideas and solutions you had missed before.

Pumping mental iron not only benefits you with greater knowledge and awareness, but presents an opportunity as well. Like you, other people are heading to the Web to find ideas and information. As you build your mental strength, you can become the valued source for creative thinking and intelligent expression—the all-important “thought leader”.

If you saw the movie, “Limitless”, with Bradley Cooper, you learned that we use just a fraction of our brain strength. There is so much more to be activated and cultivated. Just as you have muscles that have yet to be conditioned, your mind has room for strengthening and fitness. Don’t get mentally flabby.

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