Inspire Your Team – Then Get Out of Their Way!

inspire and leadI recently wrote about the difference between leaders and managers. A leader’s role is to inspire people and motivate them to achieve results. A manager supervises the execution of tasks. They are both essential in an organization, but shouldn’t be considered synonymous.

It is also the job of a leader to recognize when it’s time to pull back and let the followers move forward. Let them off their leashes. In other words, inspire your team-then get out of their way!

Once you have sparked that enthusiasm in your group, don’t keep tugging them along. Set them free to use that passion, that knowledge, and that energy to achieve results. Let them explore their potential without your hand guiding them.

Think of professional athletes. Every day, their coaches work with them, preparing them to push themselves to the brink, in order to get that win. On the day of the game, when the smell of victory is just 60 minutes away, does the coach keep preparing them? No. He gives them that last Knute Rockne speech about spirit, drive, and achievement. And he steps out of the way so his team can rush out and use the skills he has honed in them.

Can you do the same? Do you recognize when your sales professionals are trained, motivated, and ready to go? Can you take yourself out of their way?

Successful leadership cultivates future leaders. To do so, you have to empower them with the necessary skills and then allow them to apply what you’ve taught them. Only then can they be on their way to achieving their potential.

It’s okay to stand on the sidelines and watch your players push for the sales victory. Take pride that you have prepared them. And remember that their success is a direct reflection of yours.

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