5 ways to brighten your home up for the summer

Screen shot 2015-07-09 at 10.34.14 AMBrightening up your home is easier than you think. There are plenty of affordable cosmetic changes you can make to bring summer into your home.

  1. Bright Pops of Color

Using fruity colors – lemon yellow, tangerine, lime green or berry pink – is an easy way to perk up any space. With a fresh coat of paint, funky furniture, area rugs or throw pillows, you can add a dash of summer zest in no time at all. Bright red and deep navy are also hot colors this summer.

  1. Whiten Up

Adding more white to the color palette will give any room a clean and bright look. Lighten up dark rooms with crisp white walls or luminous accessories like white linen pillows or timeless white dishes.

  1. Hit The Beach

A simple and affordable way to bring the beach home – create a display of shells, coral or pebbles on a table or shelf. Hang photos from your last beach vacation. Go wild with a tropical looking shower curtain or placemats. Or try the instant beachiness of a bamboo or rattan chair.

  1. Go For Silver

Silver and glass are always bright and sparkly, with a touch of elegance. Glass mirrored surfaces reflect light and brighten a room. Try an actual mirror or mirrored containers. New shiny silver or crystal lamps or light fixtures are an easy way to change up your décor – and add some summer shimmer.

  1. Au Natural

Bring the outside in. Create an accent wall with a natural hue like grass green or sky blue. Then accessorize with rocks, stones, fresh cut flowers or live plants, and jute or sisal rugs for an organic outdoorsy look.

Myers Barnes is America’s favorite new home sales trainer, author, speaker and consultant.  For more information, please visit www.myersbarnes.com.

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