Perception and Reality


The saying goes, “perception is reality.” It’s true. What you perceive becomes your reality. Humans are interesting creatures. We can filter out what we don’t want to acknowledge and sometimes read into a situation what isn’t there. You’re not wrong or right. It’s your perception, after all. Much like experiencing a feeling, you can’t be told you’re wrong. Your feelings are based on perception. Just because your perception doesn’t match up with someone else’s doesn’t mean yours is wrong.

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This sort of paradigm shift will save you from being a victim. Instead of reacting to the actions and situations that occur around and to you, accept that your unique perception is what builds your life. You’re not driven by what others insist to be true or untrue. Decide that reality for yourself. Identify those beliefs that are the foundation for your reality.

Perception starts in your mind. Then, your thinking goes into action, and your actions build your life. When you are aware of your perceptions, you make decisions that guide your life, rather than simply being led.

When I was 16, I was sent to military school. There, I was on my own, stripped of everything that made my unique, pushed toward fitting into a mold. Yes, the discipline had value in my life, but I didn’t just give in and allow the rules and regulations define my life. I maintained my individuality, stashed in my perception. I began recognizing my beliefs, embracing them as my own without needing anyone’s affirmation. It was then I started the life journey of realizing that, when stripped of everything, all I have left is my mind and how I filter my circumstances.

I grew from that reality.

Forty years later, at 56, I was diagnosed with lung cancer. Once again, I could accept my circumstance at face value, and bemoan this fate. I didn’t take this path. I chose not to let go and drift into someone else’s perception of my own reality—the dire uncertainty that comes with the diagnosis of the big “C”.

With my “status quo” shaken, all I had left was my thinking, and my faith in God. I perceived right than that I could beat cancer with my mind, not my body. I focused my belief intently, shaping my reality.

I created my reality with my perception. I didn’t accept the guesses and estimations I was given. I chose to build my own vision, and I saw myself as a healthy person.

And here I am, seven years later, cancer-free.

Remind yourself of this life lesson. If you are not aware of your thinking—of what you perceive and how you filter—you make a choice. You choose to react the life’s circumstance rather than proactively navigate your life’s journey.

Choose now. Choose wisely. Choose your life.

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