Are You on the Cutting Edge or the Bleeding Edge?

We all know that competition is tougher than ever and you must innovate if you want to be a leader. You must continue to innovate and breakthrough if you want to stay relevant in business. With innovation, I always find it amusing when people talk about being on the “cutting edge.” Especially in technology people talk about being on the cutting edge.

Being on the cutting edge used to be good enough to rise above. But the cutting edge is on the verge. It’s perched and ready to slice. We believe that phrase to mean that someone, an individual or a company, is making exciting changes. But I don’t see it that way and nor should you.

The tip of a knife is known as the bleeding edge. The tip pierces and breaks through. The cutting edge is the part of the knife that does most of the work. Innovation is not about the cutting edge. innovation is about the bleeding edge. The bleeding edge is that boundary that has not yet been broken.

So, my question for you is this: Are you on the cutting edge or the bleeding edge? Are you daring enough to explore new territory, even if it’s difficult, scary, or poses a threat to your livelihood?

Get off the cutting edge and leap to the bleeding edge and make the cut yourself! If you’re not willing to bleed with innovation, then you’re never going to lead in your profession.

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