In Pursuit of Extra-Ordinary

Extraordinary is the result of coupling two words together: extra and ordinary. We know that ordinary is average, but when you elevate it with the prefix extra, you experience something far above average.

In school, a C grade is an average grade and a student can get by with Cs. A C student can even graduate, earn a degree, and go on to a career. But those marks indicate an ordinary person who never really pushed to excel. Ordinary people are merely satisfied with the status quo, whereas extraordinary people are driven to achieve greater results. An ordinary person sees what exists, where an extraordinary person has this vision to see what’s possible.

An ordinary sales associate will deliver average results and maybe even live up to management’s average expectations. But extraordinary sales associates exceed their goals, not some of the time, but all of the time. They actually blow past their management’s goals.

You know that and you know what it takes to look beyond the ordinary and to envision the new ideas that’ll broaden your business. You also need to see your flaws, and not just as weaknesses, but as opportunities to become better. It takes guts to take a risk. You will not always win and you have to embrace that reality. But look at the reward, your effort in sculpting yourself into an extraordinary person who will deliver grade A success.

So keep your eye on the goal of extraordinary. You’re far too valuable to accept an ordinary way of life.

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