After the pandemic: Looking ahead to new home sales in a new way

Looking to the futureAt this moment, we’re in a period of containment. As people follow the CDC guidelines, we’re all working together to prevent the spread of a virus that currently has no cure. But there WILL be an end to this situation. It’s in the foreseeable future. What will life look like for builders and buyers after the pandemic? We should be looking ahead to new home sales in a new way.

When the post-pandemic release happens, we will rather quickly return to business. Unlike the market that gradually rebounded from the recession, we’re likely to see a sharp spike in homebuying. Those people who have been sequestered in their homes will come rushing from their abodes like kids pouring out of school on the last day of the school year. The sweet smell of freedom will blend with an appetite for change that has been building up for months.

They’ll come looking for homes that provide more features. They’ll have learned first-hand that a home office isn’t a luxury, after having endured many Zoom calls that were interrupted by kids, dogs, and unknowing spouses or partners.  

They’ll want more than a family room that is part of the main living area. They NEED a rec or game room—anything that can house bored kids—preferably as far away as possible from the home office.

These homebuyers will have gained the realization that they need updated technology to replace connections that move at a sloth’s pace. Oh, and a bigger pantry, one that stores 50 rolls of toilet paper and enough cans of soup to get them through the next 10 years.

Are you ready for the rush?

Having a flood of eager homebuyers is a new home sales professional’s dream. But let’s think ahead to this next wave.

We’ve been urging prospects to utilize tech tools to continue their new home search. They’ve become accustomed to shopping at their leisure. Will they readily get in their cars with the same frenzied excitement as they did before social distancing? They might want more of those video calls and virtual tours so they can save time. You shouldn’t expect to pull the plug on the technology that has kept you connected with your buyers through a very difficult stage. In fact, leverage the investment and make it work even harder. Keep pushing for the video appointments with your Online Sales Counselor so your prospects have a face-to-face connection. Continue creating the 3-D tours and sending out video messages in place of the ordinary email.

And if you haven’t yet gained total buy-in to tools that enable sales to happen across physical separation, get on it right now. Consumers quickly go from being impressed by the bright, shiny thing to taking it for granted. There was a time when it was acceptable to pay to get express shipping, but now it’s expected. Before the pandemic, having groceries delivered was a luxury. Having experienced the value of the service, many more consumers will utilize it even when they have the option of safely going into a store.

We’ve had to adjust to The New Normal. The Old Normal is history. We need to prepare for The Next Normal.


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