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QVC Sales Process

Categories: New Home Sales, New Home Sales Training | Posted: November 25, 2007

Your success is just a click away. There is a lot you can learn from the Television Reality Program QVC. Check out the videos below and discover the parallels between the QVC Sales Process and The New Home Sales Process.

First let’s review the QVC Sales process:

  1. Always create urgency
  2. Great story tellers
  3. Fun and enthusiastic
  4. Build value
  5. Scripted and planned presentation
  6. Thoughtful language
  7. Close throughout

My friends at Simmons Homes recently produced a (fictitious) video presentation to sell a home following the QVC Sales Process. The video is recorded in two short segments, and once you complete the first segment, click on the second segment to view the presentation in it’s entirety. Be prepared to be amazed!

Click Here to view PART 1 >>

Click Here to view PART 2 >>

Staring Jaymi Hopkins, Christy French, Wendy Onyango, Sean Bowen, Mario Avila, Kevin Swift, Mike Lyon

Edited and Produced by Mario Avila

Myers Barnes

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