New Home Sales Training: Don’t Be an Elephant or a Flea

When a baby elephant is first placed in a circus, it’s trainer ties a small rope around it’s leg and tethers it to a pole to keep it from running away. If the elephant strains to get free, at that age the rope is strong enough to hold it. As the elephant matures, the size of the rope remains the same because, by then, it is already conditioned to believe that it cannot break away so it won’t try.

If you put a handful of fleas in a jar and screw on the lid, they will keep jumping against the lid to try to get out. However, after a few minutes, they stop. If you remove the lid, the fleas remain in the jar. Like the elephants, they are conditioned to their confinement and no longer test their boundaries.

How about you? What is holding you back? Have previous failures doused your enthusiasm and capped your confidence? Do you have limiting beliefs? Are you conditioned to accept imaginary boundaries?

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