New Home Sales Training: Think Like A Head Hunter

Steve SpringerI’m constantly searching for ideas that help my readers and clients move from good to outstanding. Although numerous factors create success, great employees are essential to create a great company.

Hiring top talent is tough. Many companies fail in this vital process. Most would pay a fortune to learn secrets that would dramatically improve their recruiting effectiveness. Well, I have discovered a book that provides those secrets. And you can read it in just one hour!

The book- Stop Hiring Failures! by Steve Springer, is available from and is currently ranked #1 under Employee Hiring. This book provides a simple but effective hiring strategy for any position at any level in your company. Steve’s method is divided into six steps that everyone can understand and follow. And it works.

In sixty minutes, Steve not only provides the process, he also lists killer questions that will blow you away in terms of their effectiveness. They will help you unlock the motivation, energy level, job skills and passions of every applicant you interview. You will accurately predict future performance, separating the mediocre from the exceptional.

And here’s the best part, available exclusively from Myers Barnes Associates: Steve has agreed to write postings for my blog and articles for my newsletter. In addition, he has agreed to answer questions from anyone reading his book who seeks additional information or guidance.

Visit and buy this outstanding book. Read it from cover-to-cover. Then continue to visit this site for Steve’s postings that will specifically address the challenges we all face when recruiting top sales and sales management talent. Steve’s insights and knowledge will increase your ability to attract and retain outstanding performers.

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