Demonstration: Selling The Sizzle

Part Six in a 12-Part series highlighting the development of a proven New Home Sales Process

Demonstrating and Selecting Homes and Homesites: Establishing Uniqueness

New home sales authority Bonnie Alfried says, "Our home is our castle, but our land is our territory, and you may rest assured we are by nature territorial beings."

You sell property by not merely walking on it, but by walking around it and clearly identifying the prospect’s unique "lot in life." To do so, you must be willing to clearly outline all boundaries and property lines.

Memorize these steps before taking your first step to show the property.

I. If driving, park your car directly in front of one of the two property pins nearest the street. Your car is now situated as an identifiable marker.

II. Place in your prospects’ hands the plat of the individual homesite. Involvement is the key. You want them talking about the dimensions of the homesite to you versus you talking about the dimensions to them.

III. Proceed horizontally to the second property pin closest to the road.

IV. Pull out your Day-glo surveyor’s tape and mark the existing property line stake, or a piece of vegetation that is immediately near the property pin. You have now clearly identified two of the four property pines.

V. Now proceed perpendicular to the third property pin at the rear of the homesite and, with your surveyor’s tape, mark the third pin.

VI. Standing by the property pin in the rear, have your prospects look diagonally in the direction of your car. The diagonal view makes even the smallest homesite appear large. Remember, perception is reality.

VI. Conclude walking the property line to the fourth and final property pin, using your surveyor’s tape to mark the territory. Have your prospects again look at the property diagonally. From the fourth and final pin, all corners of the homesite are clearly indicated and you have marked their territory for their approval.

Is this procedure time consuming? Yes, and you will conclude more transactions using this procedure than you did in the past when you simply walked straight to the middle of the homesite without taking the time to identify the property lines.

Urgency and The Homesite Selection

How do you overcome indecision and procrastination? By creating a sense of urgency! You lead your prospect to take action today by convincing him that the homesite he is considering is the "one and only one." Land is unique and each property, whether 5,000 square feet or ten acres, has physical attributes that contribute to the individuality of the homesite.

LOCATION IN THE COMMUNITY: Is the homesite located next to the clubhouse or any special amenity? Perhaps it’s situated next to a boat ramp that offers water access, or is tucked directly on the green of the ninth hole.

SIZE OF THE HOMESITE: You could show the largest homesite in the community, or conversely, a small, minimum-maintenance property.

CORNER HOMESITE: Corner homesites are normally larger, and frequently offer creative placement of the home or provide an opportunity for a circular driveway.

CUL-DE-SAC: These can be preferred homesites because they are off the road, offer privacy and are safer for children. Incidentally, as land continues to become more valuable and scarce, cul-de-sacs may be eliminated because they are not deemed the best and most economically feasible use of land.

EXPOSURE: Will the homesite offer sunlight, shade, breezes or natural protection from the elements?

ELEVATION: Is it a one-of-a-kind lot that can support panoramic views?

VIEWS: Unparalleled views of water, golf courses or mountains can be achieved with certain homesites, often making them a best value.

VEGETATION AND TREES: People will buy trees and homesites with lush natural cover and this can be especially important in areas offering no vegetation.

GREEN OR PROTECTED AREAS: A homesite that backs up to a protected area may pick up additional square footage and perhaps even acreage without incurring any additional cost.

LOCATION TO OTHER HOMESITES: A homesite may be located next door to the most expensive home in the neighborhood, or next door to a prestigious neighbor.

Demonstrating Completed Homes

The ensuing dialogue should be used both in the unfurnished and furnished home. Following this procedure will cause them to become emotionally involved. Your prospects can only become emotionally involved by mentally picturing themselves living in the home.

Dialogue of the Superachiever

ON THE KITCHEN: "Share with me, who usually cooks those great dinners in your home?" She raises her hand. "Great! By the way, can you imagine yourself preparing your family’s favorite meals in this kitchen?" "Look at all this cabent space, and the huge pantry. All this storage space would make any chief happy, wouldn’t you agree?"

ON ENERGY EFFICIENCY: "Put your hand on this double-paned window and feel the warmth." (If the windows tilt, then have the prospect open and close them. Or do it first to demonstrate the ease of operation, then have the prospect try it.)

ON THE LIVING AREA: "Tell me about your furniture. Where would you place your sofa? How would you situate your television and stereo?"

ON THE MASTER SUITE: "How would you place your bed? Where would you place your dresser? As you can see, we include two walk-in closets. Who would take the larger one?"

ON THE GUEST ROOM: "Would you use this as a guest room?" (or) "How could you see yourself using this room?" (Home office, exercise room, etc.)

ON THE CHILDREN’S ROOM: Conclude the sale by having the children select their rooms.

ON THE GARAGE: Have the husband describe how he would arrange his workshop.

ON THE YARD: "If this were your yard, how would you landscape it?"

Final Thought:

The challenge with demonstration is facing reality. Prospect first come to your community to get a sense of the neighborhood, to view the models, to determine your prices, but not to meet a sales person. This fact is simple: Prospect belive the least amount of contract they have with a salesperson, the better off they will be. Your battle is uphill and you must persuade them quickly that you are an intricate part of their shopping process and it’s in their best interet that you accompany them.

One thing most sales educators agree upon and top sales professionals substantiate is the belief that demonstration is where the elite salesperson set himslef or herself apart from the competition and gains a noticable selling advantage. The power of demonstration is so persuasive to a prospect that you will never reach your full potential if you do not utilize this tool.

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