The Three Questions You Must Face In A Down Market, Maneuver #3

As I’ve been explaining over the past couple of weeks, prospects are almost all going to be apprehensive about buying because of the negative news about the economy and the housing market. So you expect almost every prospect you meet to ask you at least one or more of the "Three Predictable Questions." They are:

1. Why should I buy in this down market?
2. What kind of deals or incentives do you have to offer?
3. We’re not buying today can we just look?

This week, I’ll share with you how to answer question #3:

"Of course you are not buying today! How could you? You don’t have enough information to make that kind of decision, do you? Do you know what my job is? My job is to give you good information that will help you make a smart and informed decision. Let’s do this, shall we? Let me give you the information you need to make an intelligent choice and then we’ll see how you feel at the end of our time together, okay?"

Now go and use these answers in wisdom and peace. And keep selling!

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