Closing As A Skill

So what’s the cure for the tough times, those periods when you experience the emotional roller coasters and challenges of selling? The remedy is MOTIVATION.

But how do you stay motivated? You’ve been to the seminar, listened to the tapes, read the warm and fuzzy feel-good books, but the moment the world and its real challenges hit you head on, your motivation diminishes or completely disappears. That, my friend, is because the motivation you have received in the past was outward motivation and designed as a temporary fix.

Outward motivation is the rah-rah, bouncing-around expression of feelings. True motivation is a result of an enhanced feeling of competency. Competency comes from having skills and being excellent at what you do. Closing-the-sale skills provide you with the competency to be excellent, the best in your field.

Closing, like any skill, can be learned, mastered, and internalized. When you finally apply the skills, your competency will increase. Increased competency leads to greater results and more production, and whenever you are producing results you are internally and permanently motivated.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting a sales career, understand there is no such thing as a natural-born salesperson. Rest assured, as the doctor delivered you at birth, she did not exclaim "Now here’s a natural-born closer!" Nor did the doctor make predictions to the parents of the Olympic athlete or the accomplished musician. Both athlete and entertainer achieve greatness by mastering their skills through practice, repetition, and application.

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