Closing Techniques -The Baker's Dozen

How many times do you ask before the person says yes?  Statistics clearly indicate that closing usually occurs after the fifth attempt to ask for the order.

This is critical knowledge.  If it takes a minimum of five closes to succeed, you will never lead a buyer to "yes" if you have only one or two closing techniques.  When people ask me how many closing techniques they should memorize, I reply.

The super achiever normally has twenty plus closing strategies and techniques internalized."

You may say to yourself "why so many?"  I suggest twenty plus techniques because every buying situation will be different, and each buyers personality will be different.

To start out, here is the first group of closing techniques containing 13 of the most powerful tried and proven methods available to help your customer to agree.

1.  The Order Form Close
This is the fundamental closing technique.  First, always have your contracts and order forms with you at all times.  If you work from your desk, display them.  If you keep your paperwork in sight, the prospects know you are not trying to hide anything.  They also become accustomed to them if they come to your office more than once. It is easier for you too, if you have the necessary paperwork handy at the moment of closing. If you are delivery your presentation away from your desk, have a binder or attach©’ case with your legal pad and contracts readily available.

Why is the Order From Close so effective?  As you fill out the contract, you are not directly asking the prospect to buy (make a decision); you are simply making the decision for him.

The best time to work with this close is at the beginning and during your presentation.  My favorite time to begin the Order Form Close is when the prospect asks a question that indicates a buying signal.  You answer the question with a question of your own and record the answer on the order form.  As long as the prospect does not stop you from recording the answers on the contract, he is buying.

From the start of the presentation to the end, "make a note" of all his questions and record terms on the order form.  By the end of the presentation the contract is virtually completed and will only require a signature. When you have asked all the questions and the contract is completely filled out, you review all the notes with the prospect and if he agrees, ask him to authorize or okay the agreement.

Check back soon for more closing techniques containing the most powerful tried and proven methods available to help your customer to agree…

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